VestasOnline is your collection of digital Vestas applications, designed to help you make it easier and more profitable to operate your turbine portfolio. Every application focuses on your specific fleet and is powered by the vast amount of knowhow and data accumulated at Vestas.


Available applications

These are the applications that are available on Vestas Online (depending on your contract and location):


The Workspace application gives you access to site and project-specific collaboration platform where you share information, files and discussions with all team members from your organization and the Vestas team. All important files and information grouped by site or project – everything at one place. You can even get notified instantly when new information is available.

Workspace is also available on smartphones and tablets, which makes it easy for you to take part – even on the go.

Key features:

  • Get overview of files, information, discussions and team members per site and project.
  • Search, browse and manage documents; and download directly to your computer or use the file basket for bulk download.
  • Get easily in touch with your team members with new discussion threads and posts.
  • Get notified when new information is available, ensuring you will be updated with the latest information always.

Service Schedule

The Service Schedule application gives you full access to planned service visits from the point of initial planning to the job is completed, and the Service Order report is available. Changes and updates to the Service Schedule are instantly available, and what you see is always the current plan.The schedule data is available in any form you prefer; online web overview, download CSV file or printed reports, or simply access data via the API key for setting up automatically data import to your own systems.

Key features:

  • Customize your view, select power plants, turbine types and timeframe, or search specific turbine id or service order number.
  •  View and download data as PDF/CSV files, or set up data feed to automatically update your own systems with latest service schedule information.
  • Automatically receive an email with overview of upcoming service visits at our own preferred frequency.

ServiceOrder Reports

The Vestas ServiceOrderReports application is where you can find and download the Service order reports after the service team has completed the visit. The Service order report is the documentation of a turbine service performed by our service team, all the way back to 2007. The reports can be accessed and downloaded by multiple users, and from multiple channels - web, tablets and smartphones, so that you can stop wasting time on distributing reports manually.

Key features:

  • Customize your view, select power plants, turbine types and timeframe, or search specific turbine id or service order number.
  • View and download data as PDF files and in XML files, which can be imported into i.e. Excel for analysis purposes.
  • Get notified when new Service reports are available.


The Vestas PowerForecast application gives you site-specific power forecasts every 10 minutes. It covers your entire portfolio, both Vestas and non-Vestas turbines, and includes data down to turbine-level. The forecast is based on numerical weather prediction models and artificial intelligence neural network models, giving you accuracy at your fingertips.

With PowerForecast you can make informed decisions about reserve energy resources and increase business revenue on spot markets. The forecast is defined by local grid owners and government institutes, ensuring that it fulfills the necessary grid requirements. And if you need training or support, we offer contact to a dedicated team of experts by phone or email.

Key features:

  • View and compare the difference between past and present power production through interactive, zoom-enabled charts.
  • Make informed decisions rooted in the certainty of the forecasted production by adding confidence intervals.
  • Show additional power forecast models or third-party power forecasts. Analysing site-specific forecasts has never been easier.
  • Customize your view, select multiple power plants and drill down to view data on specific turbines and export data.
  • Customize your verification reports and generate them automatically, right in the application.
  • Aggregate power plants to know the full potential of your energy output.


The Vestas WeatherForecast application allows you to analyze and explore weather conditions without being on-site. This allows you to improve seasonal and short term planning, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase on-site safety.

A multi-variable set of site-specific weather data provides the context you need to balance operational and financial risk with opportunity. Based on multiple numerical weather prediction models and more than a decade of weather forecasting experience, our state-of-the-art alerts system helps you plan ahead and conduct safe operations, for both on- and off-shore sites.

Key features:

  • Get the full picture of the weather situation on-site. View and compare a vast amount of weather variables in a single screen.
  • Information about wind speed and wind gust at various hub-heights assists with maintenance planning and safety.
  • Make informed decisions about when to send maintenance crew and technicians up in the turbine. No need to carry out maintenance when lightning strikes. 
  • Seamlessly add or remove data series, create limit lines or request alerts to stay updated – regardless of where you are.
  • Information about fog risk, visibility or wave height and direction helps you plan ground transportation and shipping.


The Vestas SeasonalForecast application allows you to look into seasonal deviations and anticipate next season’s production, thereby improving seasonal and long-term planning, reducing operation and maintenance costs and increasing on-site safety. Make informed decisions based on accurate forecasts based on combination of our extensive climate library and historical power performance data.

A user-friendly interface enables you to set your preferences and wind speed index to interact with your forecast. You can also look into the Wind Index maps to visualize varying wind patterns across your power plant.

Key features:

  • Forecasts up to 7 months in advance
  • Provides 12 months of historical data, so you can look back on production data to better plan for the future
  • Gives access to the Vestas Climate Library! The Vestas wind library dates back to January 2000, giving you valuable insight into wind patterns and speed deviations across your site.
  • Wind Index Maps give a valuable overview of the wind resource in and around your site. Deep dive to look for anomalies at turbine level across your site.
  • Export your data for your own analysis

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